NCOSHA U Limited is a quality, safety,enviromental and bussiness management consulting company focused on ensuring clients meet and exceed legislative requirements and standards whilst empowering them with the knowledge,systems and processes to to self-manage into the future.

NCOSHA was established in 2015 with focus on providing occupational health and safety training and services, personal protective equipment and fire fighting equipment installation through consultancy and mentorship to small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs), Public sector and large corporates locally and internationally. Our mainstay is in designing and implementing new, customized and efficient methods of occupational health and safety in a cost effective manner for our clients.

  1. Work health and safety management.
  2. Enviromental management.
  3. Quality management.
  4. Bussines Planning.
  5. Education and training.

NCOSHA brings together a team of talented, experienced and highly qualified professionals that allows us to provide a robust and complete service to our clients. We have significant and proven experience in supporting organisations operating in the following domains:

  1. Commercial construction.
  2. Large and small civil works.
  3. Domestic construction.
  4. Mining.
  5. Large-scale manufacture.
  6. Government corporations.
  7. Engineering.
  8. Service industries.

NCOSHA is focused on providing an environment for both our employees and customers that is driven and supported by the following core values.

To promote, stimulate, & encourage high standards of health and safety in the workplace.

NCOSHA to be recognised as the provider of choice and leader in the provision of sustainable solutions for health and safety, quality, environmental management and business consultancy services throughout Uganda.

To be able to realize our vision the company set up the following objectives;-

  1. To create awareness and advisory dashboard in OSH matters to all sectors.
  2. To create a safe and healthy workplace environment.
  3. To promote occupational safety and health act 2006, of Uganda.
  4. Utilize helpful worker safety and health resources.

NCOSHA is focused on providing an environment for both our employees and customers that is driven and supported by the following core values.

  • INTEGRITY: in all that we do.
  • FAIRNESS: and concern for our employees.
  • BALANCE: between worklife and personal life.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: to the communities within which we operate.
  • COMMITMENT: to our products, services and other initiatives.
  • OPENNESS: in communications.
  • SHARING: our success.
  • DIVERSITY: and how it contributes to our organisation.

As can be seen throughout our website NCOSHA guarantees to provide you with a high quality service at a competitive price across Uganda.

NCOSHA has offices located on Gayaza Road, Kalerwe, help service clients within a wide range of industries. If you have a health and safety concern and need professional competent advice then we have the expertise to help your business.

Why not contact us for a no obligation discussion?

Our guarantee is that we will focus on ensuring that your company adheres to Health & Safety Laws, which in turn will workers, the public, and the company.

Why not take a closer look at some of the organisations we have worked with? Our consultants provide the most professional and effective services in their fields. We only employ professionals who are second to none in their fields of expertise to provide your business with the best possible support available. You can read all about their experience and skills on this page Clientiles

There are numerous Health & Safety Consultants offering their services to organisations so why should you choose NCOSHA Consultants to help your business? We believe we are different from many other health & safety consultancies because the fact is most other consultants are the same. They try to keep you legal (well most do) and they tell you what the Law requires. But at NCOSHA we believe that is not enough for your business. We believe your business deserves more; which is why we provide you a unique guarantee to keep your business safe from the DOSH fines.

We do this by:

Making health & safety easy for you

We apply a level of common sense to health & safety; not many others seem to do this.

Helping you to keep the DOSH from your door

We have the expertise to ensure your business is fully compliant.

Ensuring you will never get any surprises

Because we provide outstanding value for money (far cheaper than the fines will be)

Taking the strain away from you

We provide a personal 1-to-1 service and focus on solutions, not just the problems

Ensuring you will do less work

we’ve been there and done it for a diverse range of clients

We have worked with recognisable blue chip organisations through to small and medium sized organisations that may not be as well-known but who have an equal need to get the best level of Health & Safety expertise in order to protect their businesses and staff.

A sample of our clients includes; Centenary Bank, Nina Interiors, National Water and Sewage Cooperation, Nakawa Vocational Training Institute, Masterpiece Media, JBN Consults.

We like our clients to explain why NCOSHA Consultants are the best choice, which is why they're happy to put their names to the positive comments that you can see throughout our website and although we often undertake work on a project by project basis, we are happy to have many clients who continue to use our services year after year.

At NCOSHA we pride ourselves not only on our technical knowledge of Health & Safety but also our experience on how to apply that knowledge. We provide a personal service to our clients throughout the Uganda (rather than providing off the shelf solutions as you may get from some consultants), and have the personal skills to make effective changes that enhance your business.

The company has substantial experience in Health & Safety and you can find out more by reading our company profiles, or we would welcome you to contact us if you have any questions at all about health and safety issues.